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CarCharging and Green Commuter Finalize Agreement to Facilitate the Launch of Vanpool and Car Sharing Program Throughout Southern California

Car Charging Group, Inc. (OTCQB: CCGI) (“CarCharging”), the largest owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, announced today that it has finalized an agreement with Green Commuter, an entrepreneurial, socially minded and passionate group that is focused on improving people’s mobility options, while positively impacting the environment. As a part of this agreement, Green Commuter purchased 200 Blink Level 2 EV charging stations and 50 Blink DC Fast Charging (DCFC) stations, to facilitate the charging of the electric cars included in Green Commuter’s vanpool and car sharing program.

Green Commuter has developed an innovative system that will utilize a fleet of 100% zero emission vehicles to provide a combined service of vanpool, car sharing and fleet replacement to help alleviate traffic, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease the cost of commuting and mobility. To maximize vanpool efficiency, Green Commuter has developed a new model that will utilize the vanpool vehicle during non-commuting hours as a public car share vehicle or to replace an employer’s fleet vehicle. The efficiency between the two systems dramatically increases the benefits by maximizing the use of the all-electric vehicle and helps reduce costs.

“As a company committed to widespread EV charging infrastructure and reducing greenhouse gases, we proudly support innovative business models aligned with that mission,” said Mike Calise, CarCharging’s Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that Green Commuter’s vanpool and car sharing program provides a new and sustainable approach to maximizing vehicle resources and improving travel for a large commuter base. This is a sizable unit commitment from a strategic partner, and we are delighted to enable Green Commuter’s mobility solutions with our Blink EV infrastructure and access to Blink Network.”

“At Green Commuter, we are focused on improving the world that we live in and have started by changing the way we move,” said Gustavo Occhiuzzo, Chief Executive Officer of Green Commuter. “By combining vanpool with car sharing and offering only zero emission vehicles, we are able to alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality, all while lowering user costs. Partnering with Blink provides us with the necessary equipment and services to sustain our programs.”

Green Commuter’s Blink DCFC and Level 2 chargers will operate on Blink Network, the software that manages, monitors, and tracks the Blink EV stations and all of its charging data. Blink commercial EV chargers are able to rapidly recharge electric cars and accept payment with the Blink InCard or major credit card via the Blink mobile application, Blink Network website, or Blink customer support center. Blink’s free membership offers drivers discounted charging fees on select public EV chargers on the Blink Network. Drivers can become a Blink member and pinpoint Blink EV charging station locations via the Blink mobile application or Drivers can also initiate charging sessions via the Blink mobile application.

Green Commuter plans to launch its vanpool, car sharing, and fleet replacement system with 50 units to serve the Los Angeles area in mid-2016.

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