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CarCharging Partners with Honeywell International to Provide Employees with Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Services

Car Charging Group, Inc. (OTCQB: CCGI) (“CarCharging”), the largest owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, announced today that it has executed an agreement with Honeywell International for the operation and maintenance of Blink EV charging stations. CarCharging now owns and operates three Level 2 Blink EV chargers located at Honeywell offices in Phoenix, Arizona.

Blink EV chargers, which are available to Honeywell employees, are a demonstration of the company’s commitment to corporate citizenship, which includes protection of the environment everywhere it operates, as well as its Sustainable Opportunity policy, which integrates health, safety, and environmental considerations into all aspects of its business. Blink EV charging stations also contribute to Honeywell Aerospace’s goal of expanding the sustainable capacity of our world and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“As a leader and innovator in the aerospace industry, Honeywell is an ideal host for workplace charging,” said Michael D. Farkas, CarCharging’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Blink EV chargers demonstrate their leadership role and commitment to sustainable initiatives as well as innovative technologies.”

Blink Level 2 chargers are able to rapidly recharge electric cars, and accept payment with the Blink InCard or major credit card via the Blink mobile application, Blink Network website, or Blink customer support center. Blink’s free membership offers drivers discounted charging fees on select public EV chargers on the Blink Network, the software that operates, monitors, and tracks the Blink stations and all of its charging data. Drivers can pinpoint Blink EV charging station locations, become a Blink member, and initiate charging sessions via the Blink mobile application or at

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