Convenient EV Charging Services

EV Charging Fees

CarCharging prefers to set EV charging fees on a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) basis rather than on a time-based pricing structure.  We believe that this is a more equitable pricing structure since it is based on consumption rather than time.

CarCharging EV charging fees:

Rates vary by location.  Please check specific station rates on our station map.

Per kilowatt-hour:

  • $0.39 – $0.69 per KWh, depending on state and membership status.
  • No minimum energy or time requirements, so plug-in and fill up.
  • Once your EV is completely charged, please move your car so that the next EV owner can use the EV charging station.

Time based (in states where per kilowatt-hour is not permitted):

  • $0.04 – $0.06 per minute (Blink EV Charging Stations), depending on state and membership status.
  • $2.00 – $3.49 per hour with a minimum of one hour required, depending on state.

Rates for EV charging stations not owned by Blink or CarCharging included on the Blink, ChargePoint, GE, or Sema network are set by the owner of the individual station.  Please read the station detail for the specific station as it states the costs associated for an EV charging session.