Convenient EV Charging Services

CarCharging is working on integrating EV charging stations from other manufacturers into the Blink network and launching a solution that offers interoperability in order to streamline the charging and payment process for EV drivers.  Stay tuned for more developments.

  • Blink members should continue to utilize the Blink InCard or Blink Mobile app session codes at the thousands of Blink stations nationwide.  While anyone can utilize the Blink chargers, to become a Blink Member, please visit Blink Network.
  • CarCharging’s evCharge card provides access to EV charging stations on the ChargePoint network.  To obtain your evCharge card, complete the form to the right and a card will be mailed to you.
  • To quickly and conveniently pay for charging sessions at CarCharging’s SemaConnect EV charging stations, drivers can utilize an RFID card or mobile application.  To request an RFID card, please send your request to